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History and development area of inflatable life-saving equipments. 

The rapid postwar development of the fishing fleet, required to ensure its safe operation. Commander in chief "Sevryba" Production Association Shiprepairers (POSP) "Murmansk Shipyard" in early 1966 was tasked to create a site inspection and repair of marine rescue and firefighting equipment. 

Force engineers and technical workers POSP "Murmansk Shipyard" was designed and developed based on tree shop № 2 (shop № 7) station servicing the NSS (see newspaper Repairers »№ 6 (41) on January 19, 1967).


The activity station began in December 1966 and its first chief was Nikolay Pavlovich Voronin. With each passing day plot developed to meet the needs in this kind of service for vessels fishing fleet. 

With the development of fishing fleets distant areas of the world's oceans (Atlantic and Pacific oceans), workers plot POSP NSS "Murmansk Shipyard" in the repair swing crew mastered the inspection of ship funds abroad. Gradually the area became one of the best departments of the Murmansk shipyard. At its base perfected various methods to improve and improve the organization of production.

Therefore, in transition to market reforms, on the basis of this plot POSP leadership "Murmansk Shipyard" was a separate legal entity, which became the legal successor of the enterprise.

Under current legislation, the company held various legal and organizational structure: Joint Stock Company, ZAO, Ltd. 

 The company currently is a limited liability company, "Murmansk Marine Engineering Service", Ltd.





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