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Inflated Rescue Boat Favorit designed to rescue people in distress, collection and towing liferafts.

Inflated Rescue Boat "Favorite" corresponds to the requirements of the 1983 Amendments to Chapter 3 of the International Convention SOLAS-74/83 and manufactured under the supervision of Maritime Register of Shipping Federation. Rescue boat Favorit F-420D is stored on board in the inflated state by the trigger device. Boat Favorit F-420-D can be equipped with a motor .

The boat is an inflatable, floating craft, made of PVC fabric and includes the following components:

- Buoyancy chamber consists of five self-contained compartments, dividing it into sections of about equal size and arranged so that in case of damage to one of the compartments of the boat, fully manned, and the supply will be able to traffic under the motor with positive freeboard. Each compartment is equipped with a safety valve and a valve for filling and venting. The compartments are separated by tight partitions.

- Soft bottom serves to seal the cockpit and the boat has a transom area non-return valve for discharge of water trapped in the cockpit. 
Inflatable keel attached to a soft bottom in a diametral plane and has a valve for filling and venting. Inflatable keel served to give the deadrise bottom, which improves seaworthiness of the boat.

- Wooden transom connects the aft buoyancy chamber and closes the cockpit boats. Serves as a transom mount outboard motor and has mooring rings for fastening the end of the raft and tow ring for mounting the outboard end of the safety net, a place designed to install the engine, protected by a plastic transom plate. Pioli invested between the buoyancy chamber and a soft bottom and consist of five parts. Pioli edged aluminum elements, providing additional lateral stiffness connection soles, and are vzaimostykuemye profiles.

- Two aluminum strut designed to provide rigid longitudinal connecting kit soles.

- Loading device consists of ropes with hooks, shackles, and is used for lowering or raising of a fully-equipped boats on the water.

- The protective canopy designed to shelter the boat from the sun and precipitation when stored on the deck of the ship.

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