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Group of Companies Murmansk Marine Engineering Services  Ltd  providing services in maintenance and repair of all types of vessels:

  • Maintenance of inflatable liferafts manufactured by UZEMIK (Russia), SeaSafe (France) and another manufacturers;
  • Maintenance of inflatable lifejackets, immersiuon suits by VIKING;
  • Maintenance of complex marine rescue, safety and fire equipment (comb, repair, replacement); 
  • Sale and delivery of marine rescue and fire-technical equipment, spare parts, ship machinery, instruments, machines, etc.;
  • Maintenance (recharge) oxygen inhaler (OI);
  • Survey and testing of  dielectric personal protective equipment used in electrical installations (glove, boots, rubbers), and also dielectrical tools;
  • Any kind of repair of the vessel;
  • Repair of boats, davits, boilers and any hull structure;
  • Survey and testing of launching appliances in the amount of annual and five-year (major repairs);
  • Construction of falls for the launching appliances with certificate of RMRS;
  • Manufacturing of hull constructions of different purposes;
  • Construction and replacement of any ship rigging;
  • Marine piping, carpentry and insulation work;
  • Any type of welding, metal fabrication of any complexity;
  • Complex repair of the vessel, together with reliable partners;
  • Trucking, transportation of boats and yachts weighing up to 3.0 tons on a special trailer with a resolution at the Traffic Police.

 To perform these works our company recognized by state regulatory agencies and have all the necessary certificates.

e-mail: murmanmis@mail.ru






   "Murmansk marine     engineering service", Ltd.

Tralovaya str., 2,
Russia, 183001

Tel.  +7 (8152) 69-05-34
Fax. +7 (8152) 69-05-33
E-mail: murmanmis@mail.ru

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